White Oak Consignments
                                               15924 Old Northwestern Pike Rte. 50
                                           Augusta, WV 26704


5 years ago my mother and I decided to open up shop in Augusta, WV. We never expected our small business to grow and become what it has. The house is over 100 years old. These old houses can be very charming with lots of twists and turns and large rooms to fill. We definitely have filled every room to the brim with clothing, accessories, and home décor. We wanted to have a high class resale shop. So we make sure that all the things that we sell are like- new, quality items. Each new customer that walks through the door is instantly surprised by how nice everything is. We try to keep with the small town hospitality and charm of the shop by treating all of our customers like we've know them our whole life. And a lot of them really have become great friends. Its awesome to get to come to work and chat and catch up with everyone in town and work along side my mother. So I'd like to say a special thanks to all of our customers and consignors. Each of you have had a hand in our shop becoming what it is, and helping us grow further.


Welcome to White Oak Consignments

We will change the way you think of consignments shops!